Tri Budi Rahardjo’s Report for Helpage International regarding Community Care for Older People in Indonesia

Healp Age International published “Community-based Home Care for Older People in Southeast Asia. Regarding it, Professor Tri Budi Rahardjo and her colleagues reported “Approaches to Community Care for Older People in Indonesia.” She introduced various types of services for older people: by Ministry of Social Affairs, by Ministry of Health, and Local Governement. In addition of it, there were many other services in local by local communities.

I met a professor of Kobe Women University. She is proposed for an Indonesian University to establish an integrated education program between long-term care and nursing care.

For accepting technical interns of long-term care

Japanese government will include direct long-term care workers in technical interns. In order to accept them in right ways, we will prepare some conditons
1. Induction training courses for beginning long-term care should be inposed.
2. Grade system of long-term care competency should be standardized relating with national qualification of certified care worker.
3. As technical interns will go back to their mother land, Japanese offical development assistance should include the establishing long-term care service system in their mother land.
4. For controling private brokers, the concerning ministries should organize the intermediary organization for accepting technical interns with care service providers.

Japanese government starts a new strategy for inviting foreign workers.

Japanese governemnt is challenging to accept nurse and certified care worker candidates under the framework of Bilateral Economic Partnership Agreement sinse 2008. However, it is too expensive project and too difficult for candidates to pass the Japanese National Exam. Therefore, in order to make an easy-in project such asTechnical Intern Training Program. However, there are many issues regarding its ambiguaous situation of workers’ right. We will have to take consideration of these debates.